Monday, May 4, 2009


It was a minus 3 tide about a week ago. Every spring we get a slough of minus tides that are really fun to poke around in. We unearthed this dungeness crablet while poking around the rocks.

He was so pissed. Nothing get's all ticked off like a crab. They are the yelly olds of the marine world. But this l'il guy was so small, he couldn't get his teeny claws around the flesh of tDF's fingers. (The Dirty Fisherman, it should be noted, has killed many a crab in his time of boats.) It was like watching a Jack Russell try and bite an excavator.

Thanks to Natalie Dee for coining Quab. It's perfect.

This is a clam. It's a ginormous horse clam. There was a little albino crab living in it. I took a picture but it was terrible and blurry so I deleted it. We saw all these divots on a sandy patch that were siphon holes for something big. (Big divots = mutant clam).

Clamasaurus Rex was returned to the hole from which he was excised. We didn't dig more out because the thought of digging enough clams for dinner with a rock sounded awful and there wasn't a bucket in the car. Also, these aren't very tasty clams. We prefer cockles.

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