Friday, May 22, 2009

On turning 30

I turned 30 exactly 1 week ago. I was in the middle of an intense field trip on Prince of Wales Island working on stream surveys for an ongoing project. My birthday took a back seat to getting work done in a beautiful place with some great people. Perfect.

Not to be all navel-gazy or anything, but it feels pretty darn good to leave my 20's behind. Now, when people in my office gently chastise me for my youth I can respond with an ever mature, "nu-uh I'm 30 now." (Doesn't change the fact that I'm the youngest person in my office.

My very sweet co-workers stuck candles in muffins for me before we headed out (at an ungodly 7 am). Also, my friend Scott shared some of his very expensive scotch with me (Languvulian--I think?). It was like drinking a muskeg.


Now I just have to make myself a cake for my special day. I love getting to choose whatever I want even if tDF won't really like it. It is my speshul day after all.


  1. Happy belated birthday, lady!! I turn 30 this year as well, and I have to say that I don't have nearly the same positive attitude about it as you do.

    Scott has good taste in Scotch - Legavulin (12) is my favorite "Oh god today was awful and nothing could possibly make me feel better...except for this" type of scotch. Ooh, or Oban. I guess they're tied.

  2. Tina--thanks for correcting my spelling. I just found a bottle of the Legavulin 12 yo stuff at my local liquor store. I may spend my birthday money on that. It's what classy people do.

    Have you tried Delwhinne (sp)? I had some during my "tasting" and found it to be pretty dang good.

  3. You're both wrong. It's spelled "Lagavulin". Love the peaty Islay single malts. My favorite is Laphroaig. Try it!

    I just turned 30 about six months before you. My first grey beard hairs are coming out in force! Just started noticing them a couple of weeks ago.

  4. Chris! I love Laphroaig too. It is so peaty. We actually all got together to drink scotch after Iyouktug was signed. Thought of you and Jon.

    I found a few grey hairs meself.