Thursday, April 30, 2009

weather cynicism

It's been sunny and warm and perfect since Sunday. I have a skirt and a t shirt on and wore sandals to work. I know! This is the best time of year: sunshine, snow on the mountains, no bugs, no tourists! (I know tourists bring in money but really, folks should know how to use crosswalks. They're the same here as in whereverthehecktheycamefrom, America . It's not Disneyland people. Some of us have errands to run at lunch.)

However, everyone has this deep sense of dread if the good weather lasts too long. It's like there is only a finite number of nice days per year. We don't want to use them up all at once and risk having it puke down rain for the rest of the summer. Everyone I know has a healthy dread about when the weather will go back to normal. It doesn't pay to get hopeful--at least that's the attitude.

Did you know that stores close early on sunny, nice days so employees could get out an enjoy the weather? They do. Unfortunately, the US Government grinds on no matter the weather. Rain or shine we are bureaucratizing the crap out things.

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