Monday, April 6, 2009

Ponzu! Ah, yeah

Know what I bought today? That's right. Ponzu. It's some sort of elixir of the Yuzu. (That's is just about what all of our produce looks like, bruised and hung up wet). I can't wait to dump it on something delicious. I am a sucker for condiments. Mostly I bought it because our local, family-owned grocery store with an amazing array of Asian food items was recently purchased by conglomo-mega-super-corporate-mart. I can buy green papayas at this store and all sorts of wierd sodas and snacks. (FYI, there is a Pocky for Men. It is not the strawberry kind. That's for Hello Kitty.)


  1. POCKY FOR MEN?! What could that possibly entail.....I'm a Pocky supafan - the salted peanut butter Pocky makes my heart go WHEEEEE!

  2. Dark chocolate. If I find them again I will buy them.