Monday, April 27, 2009

moderate failure

My name is Muskeg Harpy. I am a reforming pack rat. To wit: I had at least 4 full boxes of old magazines that I had "saved" through 5 moves. These boxes weighed at least 27 pounds each and managed to soak up at least that weight in water vapor. Some of them mildewed.

I went through all of my stuff and got rid of a bunch of crap. My magazines too. See, I had kept them because they had recipes or some little project I wanted to do. I went through each and every old Saveur, Readymade, Bon Appetite, and Martha Stewart Living and tore out everything that looked good/fun.

These are now in thematic piles on a table. When a recipe is a winner, I glue it into my special book where I obsessively write down all my recipes. It's about as close to scrap booking as I get. The recipes were sucessful for the most part, until this weekend. Sage short bread from Bon Appetite did me in.

I wanted herbed short bread. It sounded fun plus I got to use my new oven(!!!) and my recently unearthed Cuisinart. I should have known that 1 tsp of coarse kosher salt would be too much for 2 c flour, 1 c butter and 1/2 c sugar.

Wierd is just about the nicest thing I can say for them. They are not a delightful cookie to eat while watching a marathon of Ballykissangel from the library. They would have been good as an amuse bouche with some smoked salmon.

This one is not getting glued into my recipe book.

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