Monday, April 6, 2009

In like Flint, out like Claude

For a long time I thought we all said, "In like Flint" because of the awesome James Coburn is a spy movie. In reality it was because Errol Flynn was a complete ho-bag and managed to seduce many a young thing back in the day. The correct saying is "In like Flynn." Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge.

In Like Flint is quite a romp. It is the sequel to "Our Man Flint." Many people have written about these James Bond spoofs. I really don't have anything new to add. Except:

I love how the women are trying to take over the world but still need men to do it for them. (Seriously, if they can replace the Russian cosmonauts with lady spies, why not rally the secretaries or other strategically placed women in Government.) Also, using the salon dryers to brain wash all the women of America is sort of genius/hilarious.

James Coburn rides across the gentlest sea ever, standing up on the front of a Zodiac.

The furniture is amazing and perfect and I want it.

The only flight from Russia to get to south America was a direct Moscow-Havana flight and James Coburn had to dress like like Castro--complete with olive fatigues and a beard.

(Google image searching In like Flint gives you the Yul Brenner Cookbook. Who knew?)

Also this is pretty much the movie.Lots of women. James Coburn.
This one's multicultural! He get's women by not competing with them = actual line from the movie.

I should sum this up by saying it doesn't matter what dreck Mr. Coburn in in. He was in "The Great Escape" thereby earning him a lifetime pass from me.

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