Friday, April 17, 2009

I have counters

I wrote awhile back about my total crap kitchen. (it really was super awesome, but only to me with my rose-colored glasses of lollipops and unicorns.) The dirty fisherman and I spent the last weekend installing counters! Do you know how much fun it was? Not much at all!

There was much yelling.

We had to cut long miters on a length of pre-formed laminate counter on a saw that was too small for the job. My task was to hold the end of the counter so the DF could cut it. I am so bad at holding things. I always want to wiggle and "help" in other ways. I am a very bad clamp or sawhorse or whatever.

At one point I donned my headlamp and crawled inside a cabinet behind a lazy susan to ratchet down the corner. There was mixing of stank glue. Particle board is terrible stuff, so heavy yet so fragile.

After about 8 hours at this task we got them in. I have pictures, but they're at home on my camera (our house is in more of a disarray than usual). I'll post some so there can be a before and after. It is amazing to have a cook book right next to your cutting board and a bowl next to that. Whoa.

We ordered our faucet yesterday. It's this one--
I loooove it. It's stainless steel with a side sprayer (not shown). It will be way better than the chromed plastic one we have now. It was also on sale. We also have these cool screw-type drains that actually will hold water in the sink. (except for when they were leaking due to the "fiber" gasket that was a sheet of cereal box cardboard.)

The first dinnerI made included cider-brined pork chops, roast potatos, and greens. I cannot wait to bake this weekend.

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