Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eating Alaska

We are a lucky community. We have three (3) grocery stores. These stores stay open until 10 pm and are open 7 days a week. It's really hard to convince people we live in the sticks when I can get feta or Quark or fresh lemongrass. Really, our stores do a terrific job of supplying a variety of foodstuffs for us.

The produce, however, is not so awesome. We get some variety, yes. And most things are available year round. Sometimes all the food freezes on the Barge up here. Have you ever spend $3 on an avocado only to meet brown, stringy much upon slicing into it? Or, have all of your leafy greens gone belly up all at the same time, leaving a slicky gooey mass in your produce drawer? No? Well come-a to my house and I'll treat ya.

Sales are weird here too. Seamart was having a "3 day meat sale." photographic proof below:

I know, right? I got yuh meat right heah. I was so tickled by this. In this meat sale, were four frozen pig heads individually vacuum sealed. They were next to the Turkeys. Three of them are still there. I really want one. What does a person do with a pig head? They smile so beatifically up at you, "Take me home and taunt the Dirty Fisherman," they coo. I could wear them like a helmet! There's something that appeals to me about making a pig-head meat helmet.

Anyhoodle. Our grocery stores also sell expired food at a discount. We have learned that expired yogurt is a bad idea, even if it's half-off. The baked goods are fine, still expensive, but not the horrible experience that old dairy brings. Behold: our discount bins.

This is in the back of the store, next to the knock-off barbies and crap from China. There is some variety here, but mostly it's old hair products (or non-hair products as the entire Bald Guyz line of scalp products ended up here). We root through this occasionally, mostly out of boredom and the desire to try something new.

This is sort of shameful, discount expired grocery shopping. I won't go further down the rabbit hole. So, tell me about your rabbit hole. How low have you stooped to save a buck?<\div>

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  1. So, where were you able to get Quark in the US? Cause I haven't found it in San Jose or Denver yet, not even at the German deli!!!?