Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We residents of Southeast Alaska are accustomed to the Weather dominating our life. It's a real topic of conversation. They read it once per hour on the radio. I think tides come about second.

A sunny summer day when the Cohos are biting means that at least 1/2 of town is out trolling. When the jet doesn't land due to high winds or visibility, we just shrug and make other arrangements. Rain means that you wear a jacket. Weather forces everyone into a laid-back attitude.

It's not all hunky dory. The weather is also responsible for many foul moods. Like mine this morning: @#$% snow. When will it stop @#$%ing snowing. Isn't it officially spring on Friday? Man, I have a garden to turn over.

I'm whining I know. And Yes I would like some cheese with my whine (Stilton, Please!--but not Stilton with Mango chunks in it. That's the only Stilton in town and it sounds really gross. And Yes, lack of cheesy goodness is contributing to my foul mood.)

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