Monday, March 2, 2009

dorky sweater

I like to knit. I like to buy cheap stuff at yard sales and thrift stores. I have a tote full of mis-matched yarn that is waiting to be projects. I do not buy acrylic yarn. It's only wool, but often in terrible colors. I justify purchasing a 1-pound cone of electric orange yard because it's only $1. (Someone said that this cone of yarn made her teeth hurt.) Such is my lot in life.

Because I am in a purging frame of mind, I have decided to stop purchasing yarn until I knit up my lot. This will be interesting as most of my yarn is a random assortment of colors, textures, and weights.

This is my first purge project: it's a cabled sweater-vest modified from the Fall 2008 Vogue knitting.

See? I'm posing like a lunatic. This is how Jamie Lee Curtis poses so she always looks good.

Anyway, So this is some heavy single-ply wool. I think it's called polar something or other. I really like how the small cables became the straps. The edging is crab-stitched on. Since the yarn is so heavy, it doesn't do that annoying stockinette curling thing. I still have two skeins of the white left and about half of the purple. What to make?

My office is always cold. Our heating system sucks and this week the hot-water heater is broke down. We won't get a new one until March 10th. Ugh. So, I wear a lot of layers and warm stuff to work. This sweater is actually very cozy and warm. I don't have any collared shirts but I figure I can get some once I go through my clothing.

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  1. Hey dear, I just send you a message on ravelry about a pattern for all your left over yarn.
    Can't wait to come out this year!