Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sunny am

sunny am, originally uploaded by Chez Foss.

It rained 4.97 inches from Friday through Saturday. That's nearly 5 inches in about 36 hours. Phoenix, AZ averages 7 inches of precipitation per year. It was also 35 degrees. So:, 35 degrees, pouring down rain, winter. That's a recipe for the worst moods possible in the harpy-fisherman household. Sunday it improved. It snowed. Yesterday, it snowed in beautiful fat Southeast Alaska flakes and accumulated about a foot. This morning it was sunny-ish.

When a person doesn't see the sun for a length of time, that person mildews both physically and emotionally. You can actually feel your brain fold in on itself and it makes you want to live under a bridge and harass schoolchildren. It makes you a grumpy troll. The combination of heavy overcast and short days create moods so foul you start to actually empathize with Creb.

I saw the sun on my walk into work today. I closed my eyes looked right at the sun. I rolled up my sleeves, unzipped my jacket, and took off my hat to maximize the amount of skin was showing (It's like 28 degrees out). All the creatures who thrive on darkness, damp, and grumpiness were flushed from my mind. It's like that terrible movie Pitch Black, except my in my head and there isn't a Vin Diesel. It may not last (sucker holes are pretty common around here).

That Beatles song "Here comes the Sun" is a perfect song. The slow, gentle, ethereal movement exactly matches the way you forget about 5 inches of rain in less than 2 days or the fact that your 2WD truck is worthless in 1/2 inch of snow.

It was so pretty, I had to take a picture. A sunny day is worth remembering in February.

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  1. I wish I could just send you a few of our 300 sunny days a year! I love living in Colorado!