Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I hike loudly

My dirty fisherman, not so much. And it annoys him when I am loud. A lot.

See, he hikes to hunt/kill deer, this means staying quiet and unseen.

Me, I hike for work in areas with extremely high density of brown bears. I am loud so I don't surprise a bear. I sing, crunch branches, smack things, talk, and generally make a total dork of myself. The lumberjack song is a favorite of mine. It's a safety thing. I want to alert any critter in the area that I am a people, not a deer or other bear. So far, so good going on 6 years.

When we hike together, he's always in front so I only see the back of him. That picture is a slice of my life. (He always picks the bushiest line to "maintain elevation."

Sometimes we stop and I crouch down for half an hour while he blows this fawn call. I don't know how describe it other than tortured rubber band yodeling. I try not to move, swiveling my head around is, apparently, too much movement. I'll tug his pants when I get too cold and stiff from sitting. Hiking is more comfortable than sitting for me.

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