Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slippery Slope

Our Driveway is awesome. It’s a perfect 20% grade gravel-covered slope. (For those in the know, 20% grade is the maximum a loaded log truck can make it up on one of the glorious logging roads here.) A small stream forms down the middle of it during heavy rains, depositing gravel on Edgecumbe Drive. These loose gravels become ball bearings when the rains depart and we get one of our four (4) sunny days. It’s safer to walk in the ditch, really.

During the not-quite-snow-but-still-freezing times, the driveway becomes the 4-inch thick ice sheet we call the glacier. It’s a quick ‘n painful trip downhill. There isn’t even the safety of a ditch.

But when it snows, and the shovel-happy, weirdo uphill neighbors are gone, our driveway is the best in town.

Yes, that's me trying to get enough momentum to get through 18 inches of wet Tongass snow. It took about 4 runs to clear the road.

The dirty fisherman is about to go off the jump built on our rock wall. He's much braver than I am.


  1. Really interesting life you have. I live in Namibia and can hardly imagine what all that snow would be like?

    I can relate to the dirt part. I spend a lot of time watching birds in wetlands and it involves some mud.

    Good luck with the blog.

  2. Thanks for checking in! I can't imagine what the heat you must experience is like.