Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It Begins

The story of the muskeg harpy.

Thanks to the amazing imaginations and humors of my field partners, we all got nick names one summer. Most of it was inspired by the terrible Alaska-themed romance novels we were consuming. (Be sure to ask me about Storm Reynolds the pilot). Since we were all physical scientists, we came up with our own: Karst Banshee, Moxie Breccia, and Muskeg Harpy. That name tickled me so much, I figured I should keep it for a rainy day.

Today isn't rainy, it's snowy. And January. And dark. What better time to begin chronicling my life in the great land?

So, family and friends, I would check up here more often than my neglected email and flickr account. It is my great ambition to write about:

  • The house we're building ourselves (yes, the muskeg harpy and the dirty fisherman have a project)
  • knitting (for all 2 of you who care)
  • cooking! Man, I love to cook. I plan on canning this summer, so we'll see how that goes.
  • Stuff I like! Because you totally need to know about my love of all things wool and vintage pyrex.
  • Life in a temperate rainforest.
  • Bad action movies--ever seen Dreamscape? How about Gymkata?

Thanks for stopping by. (My plan is to write at home and post the next day, it's an attempt anyway.)


  1. Dear, I miss you so!
    Can't wait to hear about your knitting!
    So when is a good time for us or me to come out and visit? ... besides the summer?
    Hope you are better in keeping up your blog than I am!
    Herdis a.k.a. Harry (not furry)

  2. So, not surprisingly, I was googling Alaska Romance Novel covers, and up pops this big happy photo of you in your argyle sweater and hard hat that I think I took in Yakutat. Flippin' made my day. Thanks! I can't remember my name, but I do remember Rig Heartless, and ClickClick. -- Robin