Tuesday, January 27, 2009

be prepared

As I slogged home through ankle deep icy slush, I stumbled on the perfect way to introduce you to Sitka in January. The weather was a super-great combo of snow then rain. Don't know about you but 35 and rainy is my favorite.

But first we must dress appropriately! Up here, that almost always means extra tuffs. Actually, xtra-tuffs can be quite fashionable when worn with a skirt. I was first introduced to these beauties when the dirty fisherman was working on a tuna boat in California. They looked so exotic there. You had to go this one hole-in-the-wall commercial fishing shop in Morro Bay to get them. They were incredibly expensive—I mean $60 for rubber boots? Jeez. I had more fun looking at hoochies and sinking line.

Alas, tackle and rubber boots have now lost some of their novelty. But I still remember looking for boots my size in Bellingham WA before taking the ferry up to Wrangell. It was exciting finally getting my very own pair. I now have 5 pairs in various states of disrepair. Folks here are pretty ingenious with their recycling of these boots. I’ve seen clogs, sandals, and slippers but the best pair goes to a guy in Yakutat who lined his with seal fur.

So boots, wear them when in Sitka. There really isn’t an event where these are unacceptable footware—no black shoe rule here.

What you folks outside may not realize is that it gets dark early here and the City is a bit lax with the streetlight maintenance. It can get pretty dangerous for we pedestrians (I lovingly refer to myself as tire meat) so I wear a really flattering orange reflecty vest. I'm convinced that it encourages cars to hit those deep puddles thereby showering me with slop.

These are the basics. I still have to cover rain gear and base layers. Wouldn’t want to get too exciting here just yet.

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